Hard and Soft Cheese Making Kit EXTRA and PRESS

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Hard and Soft Cheese Making Kit EXTRA and PRESS makes making your own cheese easy.

This great Hard and Soft Cheese Making Kit EXTRA and PRESS comes with what you need to make both hard and soft cheese. Two books give clear instructions and the rennet and cultures can be used for a number of production runs. When they eventually run out, you can purchase fresh rennet and culture in our shop.
We have sold hundreds of these kits and many people are enjoying making their own cheese. You can always contact us with questions.
This kit has moulds to make cheeses weighing apx. 400 gram. It contains:
  • 2 plastic cheese moulds with lid and cheese cloth for hard cheese
  • 2 basket shaped mould for soft cheese
  • 1 large cheese cloth
  • 1 dial thermometer
  • 1 bottle calf rennet OR a bottle vegetarian rennet. Please indicate which one you prefer. Default is calf rennet.
  • 1 sachet cheese culture
  • 1 sachet yoghurt culture
  • 2 books with cheese making instruction
Please note that the press in this kit is made to fit the two hard cheese moulds in this set. One on top of another
Following data is useful when pressing cheese:
The spring is 53mm without compression.
when it is 30mm tall under compression it gives 87n, 19.5lb or 8.87kg pressure per spring.
when it is 20mm tall under compression it gives 125n, 28lb or 12.75kg pressure per spring
when it is 17mm just before solid, it gives 136n, 30.6lb or 13.86kg pressure per spring.
We supply additional cheese and butter making accessories and ingredients. Check our shop for cheese moulds, presses, rennet, different cultures, cheese cloth, butter churns, books etc.
We also supply industrial equipment. Please contact us with any questions regarding hobby or industry.

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3 reviews for Hard and Soft Cheese Making Kit EXTRA and PRESS

  1. Peter W. (verified owner)

    Package was a bit battered after travel to Bulgaria but contents were undamaged

  2. Patrick O’Connor Jnr (verified owner)

  3. David B. (verified owner)

    Very expensive for what you actually get in the box and quality of the items

    • Jaap de Jonge

      It is difficult to respond to this. Products are all imported, price has to include P&P, VAT and in the end there has to be something in it for the seller. The products in the kit are good quality. As Always, the customer can always return the purchase for a refund if he/she is disappointed.

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