Yoghurt Culture. Make your own yoghurt

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Make fresh yoghurt! Use our quality starter and be assured of success every time.

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Yoghurt Culture for yoghurt making. You can make fresh yoghurt!

Use our quality starter and be assured of success every time. 1 sachet good for apx. 1 liter milk. You use this litre as a mother culture. This means you inoculate from this litre more milk. If done properly it last a long time. There are 3 sachets in the envelope. Instructions included. Store in the freezer. Not suitable for Vegans.

How to make a Mother culture

Put a well cleaned thermos flask full of hot boiled water, in order to sterilise and to warm it. Use a litre of sterile milk or heat a litre of fresh milk up to 90 °C and afterwards let it quickly cool down, for example by stirring the pan in a bowl with cold water. 1 packet of starter has to be dissolved in 1 litre of milk. Mix a cup of the sterile milk and the culture very well, pour out the hot water from the thermos flask and put the culture solution with the rest of the milk (temperature of the milk should be 45 °C for yoghurt culture). Then close the flask in order to prevent contamination.

Streptococcus thermophilus

Lactococcus bulgaricus

carrier dextrose, waterfree

Character fast acidifying yoghurt starter
Packaging PE-Al-PET laminated foil
Fermentation dosage: 1 sachet / l UHT-milk

incubation and fermentation temperature:

42 °C pH-value after 6 h: 4,60 ± 0,10


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2 reviews for Yoghurt Culture. Make your own yoghurt

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    This makes brilliant yoghurt , do not hesitate just buy

  2. PETER CONTI (verified owner)


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