Yellow Cheese wax


Yellow Cheese Wax for the covering of cheese rind for a nice finish and controlled ripening. Block apx 5kg.

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The wax can be used for all cheeses and sorts of milk, also for sheep and goat cheese.

Even cheese with hole formation can be personalized with this coating treat. It “grows” in the maturation.

Store at room temperature. Do not store in heat or direct sunlight.

The cheese must be dry before waxing!

The optimum temperature for growing cheese is 8-10 ° C, while the cheeses should have a dry surface.

The application should be between 85°C and 105°C and be dipped about 10 seconds. The thickness of the wax layer is determined by growth temperature and dive time. Short immersion time and high growth temperature results in little wax application. Long dive time and low growth temperature results in stronger application.

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