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Wild Artichoke Rennet – 500ml

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Liquid wild artichoke Rennet, used for cheese making. 100ml bottle

Suited for vegetarians, vegans and can be used for organic cheese.

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Liquid wild artichoke Rennet, used for cheese making.

Suited for vegetarians, vegans and can be used for organic cheese.

Dosage apx. 12ml for 10L of milk. This should be added along with the starter culture

Bottle size: 500ml.     Strength: +/- 6,000SH

More information:

Vegetable coagulating enzyme – obtained by aqueous extraction followed by filtration from Cynara cardunculus (wild artichoke).

Similar to the traditional rennet, Galium splits the kappa casein of milk and thus enables the formation of jelly. Galium also leads to a corresponding end of the proteolysis of milk


 Because the proteolytic development of the cheese deviates from the development by the application of natural rennet, the application of Galium is recommended, primarily, for fresh and short-maturing cheese kinds. Studies of the University of Piacenza have shown that with Galium excellent fresh firm and half-firm cut cheese can be produced.

 The amount of Galium to be used depends on: Enzyme concentration of Galium and the following parameters: Temperature, degree of ripening and pH of milk, type of milk and the desired curdling time. For standard applications 2000-4000 IMCU per 100 liters of milk are needed.


 Keep container tightly closed at 4-8°C light-protected. The recommended minimum maintenance-guarantee date is 6 months. At storage temperatures of + 4°C occurs within the specified best before date no significant strength loss.

 A storage over the indicated date on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is unemployable. In this case, for quality management reasons a check of the needed values is indispensably recommended.

Safety information:

 Galium is a liquid solution and contains app. 16% tabelsalt (NaCl) and is therefore safe to utilise.

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