Vegetarian Rennet, 100ml

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Liquid vegetarian Rennet, used for cheese making. 100ml bottle

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Liquid vegetarian Rennet, used for cheese making. For soft cheese add 5 drops diluted in cold boiled water to 5 litres of fresh milk.

This should be added along with the starter culture

Bottle size: 100ml.

Sumizyme vegetarian rennet is a microbial substitute material for natural rennet, which is recovered by fermentation of the fungus Rhizomucor miehei in herbal solution.

The herbal soil consists of lactose-free and fat-free soy fl our extracted from a genetically unmodified production.

There are specific purification processes used to ensure that the final product does not contain any fungals. Undesirable metabolic products like Lipase and Alpha-Alase are practically non detectable.

The final production stage of Sumizyme vegetarian rennet takes place at Hundsbichler’s site in Langkampfen, Tyrol where it is delivered to as an ultra-high concentrate. The activity of the product is adjusted and repacked according to customer`s needs.

Appearance and characteristics

Sumizyme vegetarian rennet is a mid-brown to dark-brown liquid with a characteristic but not pungent odor. Colour can vary from batch to batch but this has absolutely no influence on the product’s coagulation activity.

According to the graph of inactivation the end activity is <1 % at 68 °C for 15 sec and an inactivation similar to rennet from calves at 70 °C for 15 sec.

Sumizyme vegetarian rennet advantages:

While many enzyme preparations are characterised by a strong cheese unfriendly and a bitter smell, Sumizyme vegetarian rennet has a nice aroma which is suitable for use in food.

Also when using Sumizyme vegetarian rennet, the undesirable and nonspecific proteolysis caused by mucor pepsins (which cause bitterness in taste after a period of long ripening) are much reduced when compared with other competitors products.


Like all other liquid enzymes storage of Sumizyme vegetarian rennet should be at a temperature between 0 and +8 °C. The activity of the enzymes reduces by appx. 0,5 % per month. The recommended maximum shelf life is 6 months.


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