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Rennet Tablets, Strip of 10 tablets. Microbial.

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Milk Coagulation tablets
1 tablet for 50L milk. Easy to divide in quarters. Each quarter would set about 12L milk.
· Dissolve 1 tablet completely in glass of fresh water. Let the solution stand for 20 minutes before using.
. For better results, before adding the solution to the milk, the milk should be warmed to around 35ºC
. Pour the solution into the warmed milk and stir vigorously
. Let the milk stand until set (apx 45 minutes)
. If you use a lactic culture, add it before the rennet solution
Safety Information
  • Ingredients: enzymatic microbial coagulant (from Rhyzomucor miehei), magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose
  • Storage: To be stored in a dark, cool, dry place.
  • Current batch BB 11/2024. A storage over the indicated date on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is unemployable. The strength will slowly reduce, by about 1%/month.
When ordering, feel free to advise what type of cheese you intend to make and we will try to supply a recipe to help you on your way.
Due to import regulations by the United States, we are unable to send rennet to the USA.
NB – Image for illustration purposes only.

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