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Natural Calf Rennet 100ml


Rennet liquid. 100ml.

NB – Due to import regulations by the United States, we are unable to send rennet to the USA.


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Natural calf rennet, liquid 100 ml

(Kalb lab / Lab / animal rennet / présure animale / stremsel / cuajo / caglio)
· The dosage quantity is determined by the quantity of milk, the required process parameters and the enzyme concentration (pH, temperature, required coagulation time) and enzyme concentration. The standard dosage quantity varies between 15 to 30 ml per 100 litres of milk.
· The rennet should be stirred into 15 to 30 times the amount of chlorine free cold water and then be added to the milk
Safety Information
  • Rennet is a yellow clear liquid solution and contains approx. 20% table-salt (NaCl) and max. 1.2% of Sodium-Benzoate E211 and is therefore safe to utilise.


  • As with all natural enzymes, rennet should also be stored at a dark place at a temperature of between 0°C and +7°C. For product storage times over 6 months the enzyme activity might fall by 1% per month.
  • A storage over the indicated date on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is unemployable. In this case for quality management reasons a check of the needed values is indispensably recommended.
When ordering, feel free to advise what type of cheese you intend to make and we will try to supply a recipe to help you on your way.
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