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Tapas Cheese Fondue Black

Tapas Cheese Fondue Black

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Tapas Cheese Fondue Black. The Spanish tapas tradition is now known and loved worldwide. The small delicacies increasingly are finding their way to tables in many homes. Cheese is also wonderful as a tapas bite ã in cubes, melted or with a dip. As a dish or as a snack with a drink. Tapas Cheese Fondue should not be missed here. With this fondue, you can quickly add melted cheese as a delicious tapas recipe.


  • This Fondue Set consists of a square black pan placed on a mahogany base. An atmospheric tea candle is used for heating it and 2 fondue forks
  • Fondue Set Contents: 200 grams/0.2 litre How many persons:
  • One or two persons
  • For more persons, if used as one of the tapas dishes.


  • Also suitable for chocolate fondue.
  • Sauces, such as peanut sauce, can be kept warm as well

    Additional Information

    Parts:Pan of pottery, dark wooden plank, 2 stainless steel forks, tea lights
    Material:Pottery, dark wood, stainless steel
    Type of cheese:For cheese fondue
    Weight:0.8 kg
    Dimension:130 x 130 x 130 mm
    Content:200 ml
    Open fire:No
    Amount of people:2

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