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Cheese Barbeclette – Cheese on the BBQ. 2 for1!

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Cheese Barbeclette, Cheese on the BBQ. Nothing is better in summer than a delicious barbeque with family and friends; in the garden, on the balcony, or relaxed at the beach! We have good news for cheese lovers: you can now enjoy cheese on the barbecue with the Barbecelette!

Unique simplicity

This Barbecelette is a unique and innovative design. Suitable for cheese lovers and vegetarians, but also for those who would like to try something different. The Cheese Barbecelette gives a new dimension to the concept of barbecuing. Endless enjoyment of cheese. Delicious and easy!

The melting tray of the Barbecelette has a non-stick coating. With the spatula, which is included, you can easily slide the cheese off.

The Barbeclette is suitable for Raclette cheese and also for all other types of cheese which melt easily!

Think about: brie, mozzarella, gorgonzola, goat’s cheese but also try some tasty cheeses with Italian herbs.

Additional Information

Parts:Enamel pan, metal handle, plastic spatula
Material:steel and plastic
Type of cheese:For all types of cheese
Weight:0.2 kg
80 x 270 x 20 mm

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