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Hard Cheese Making Kit

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Hard Cheese Making Kit helps you find making your own cheese is a great hobby!

This kit comes with everything you need to make hard cheese. Included is a sheet with a basic cheddar cheese recipe and additional information how to take your hobby forward. The rennet and cultures can be used for a number of production runs. When they eventually run out, you can buy a new supply from our shop.
You can always contact us with questions.
This kit has all you need to make  a cheese weighing approx. 400 gram. It contains:
  • 1 hard cheese mould, complete with cheese cloth and follower
  • 1 thermometer, 0-100 °C
  • 1 strip with 10 Milk Coagulation tablets (vegetarian)
    1 tablet for 50L milk. Easy to divide in quarters. Each quarter would set about 12L milk.
  • 1 cheese culture (enough for 100L milk)

    Allergen info: Culture contains milk

    Not suitable for vegans

We supply additional cheese and butter making accessories. Check our shop for cheese moulds, presses, rennet, starter culture, cheese cloth, butter churns, books etc.
We also supply industrial equipment. Please contact us with any questions regarding hobby or industry.

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