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Cheese press, Dutch style

Dutch Style Cheese Press in Wood

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Dutch type Cheese press (wood). Dimensions approx: Height 50 cm Length 25 cm Width 22 cm It will press 2 moulds for 400 gram cheese (as in our cheese kit sold in our shop) as well as the 1 kg mould. Self assembly, instructions included.

The press arm is a class-2 lever, meaning the distance between the pivot bolt and weight at the end of the arm is greater than the distance between the pivot bolt and press block. By placing the mold and press block as close to the pivot bolt as possible, you will get the most pressure on your cheese for a given amount of weight hung from the end of the press arm. You can calculate the pounds of pressure applied by using the following formula:

(Length from pivot bolt to weight ÷ length from pivot bolt to press block center) × size of weight in pounds)

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