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Curd mill

Curd Peg Mill – Small Dairies


In stock

This curd/peg mill is useful for the smaller dairy. It is made of food grade Poly propylene and stainless steel. It is easy to dismantle and to clean. It needs to be equipped with bearers in order to position it above a vat or table. Information about this will be included with the mill instructions.

Please note: Delivery time 14 days. On order only.


  • Weight 4.6 kg
  • Length 30 cm
  • Width 20 cm
  • Height 20 cm

This is feedback we received from customers:
“Hi Jaap, Apologies, we will not be able to return the milling machine as it has changed our lives forever!…it is the new favourite tool in the Dairy and saves us lots of livetime….we love it!! Thank you again and kindest regards,” Silke Cropp

@jongiauk awesome, I love it so much easier than the old thing I had before. It took half the time!!!!

My curd mill is great, very happy with the results and ease of use, thanks.
Lyndell Findlay
Comment from 10/5/23


I’ve been using your hand cheese mill to make cheddar for about two years now and I’ve been very pleased with it.
Craig, Brittany, France



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