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cheese press

Cheese Press – Plastic and Stainless Steel

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This Cheese Press is the latest addition to our range of more affordable items.

This cheese press will press two of the hard cheese moulds as sold in our shop and included in our cheese making kits.

The base & top are made from 12 mm Nat polypropylene and the studding & nut are 10mm stainless steel and the spring is stainless steel.

Following data is useful when pressing cheese:
The spring is 53 mm without compression.
when it is 30 mm tall under compression it gives 8 7n, 19.5 lb or 8.87 kg pressure per spring.
when it is 20 mm tall under compression it gives 125 n, 28 lb or 12.75 kg pressure per spring
when it is 17 mm just before solid, it gives 136 n, 30. 6lb or 13.86 kg pressure per spring.


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