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    Cheese Curd Bag Large

    Cheese Curd Bag measuring 32cm x 48cm. As this is a sturdy food grade cloth bag it can be used f…

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    pH Indicator Strips 100 per box

    pH indicator strips. 100 strips. Easy and cheap way to check the pH when making dairy products. …

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    Brinometer – Salt Measure

    The Brinometer is used to establish the salt concentration in brine.

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    Dairy Thermometer 0C-100C with Protective Cover

    Thermometer for Cheese and Yogurt making with a temperature range of 0C to100C in a protective c…

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    Blue Cheese Mat 70cm wide

    Cheese mat, blue 70cm wide. Top quality, very sturdy mat. Sold per running meter.

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    A hygrometer is used for measuring the moisture content in the air in the ripening room.

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    Curd Peg Mill – Small Dairies

    To make cheddar or cheddar type cheeses, you need to mill the curd. For small quantities you can…

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    This Lactodensimeter is a form of hydrometer for finding the density of milk, and thus discoveri…

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