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How To Make Cheese At Home

If you’re new to the world of making hard or soft cheese from the comfort of your own home, here are some easy to follow cheese making videos, taking you through the various steps in the process.

We’ve split the videos, around 35 minutes in total, so you can come back to the point you are at in your process:

  1. General Introduction (0:28 mins)
  2. Let’s get started (9:26 mins)
  3. Video 3…(0:34 mins)
  4. Video 4…(4:52 mins)
  5. Video 5… (0:27 mins)
  6. Video 6…(2:10 mins)
  7. Video 7…(1:04 mins)
  8. Video 8…(0:56 mins)
  9. Video 9…(1:14 mins)
  10. Video 10…(2:45 mins)
  11. Video 11…(11:03 mins)
  12. Video 12…(0:57 mins)

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We also have great cheese making books, which will support your learning and artisan passion.

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How to make cheese at home

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