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About us

The Cheese Making Shop is a trading name of Jongia UK’s ecommerce website. We have been selling cheese ingredients, accessories and kits for over 20 years, so we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our range of products includes everything the amateur cheese maker needs. But besides this, we support the dairy industry by offering a wide variety of products.

We have the pleasure to introduce the following companies we support:

ASTA-eismann (Germany)Dairy equipment for all type of products, from small to large. Vats, butter churns,presses, curd mill etc.
Bio-Oxygen (Australia)Air sterilisation, air purification and odour control, using just the oxygen found naturally in the ambient air.
Coolbot (USA)Allows a standard window air conditioner to cool a room to 2 ºC!
Facchinetti (IT)Cheese cutting, packing, piercing
Laude (NL)Micro perforated cheese moulds
Packline (IL)Filling and sealing equipment for pumpable products. Equipment fulfils US and European standards. Certain models are CIP equipped.


PS Koeltechniek (NL)Maturing room atmosphere management
Stafier (NL)Stainless steel cheese shelves for maturing rooms


Calza (IT)Rennet, culture, coating and more
Ausnutria (NL)Goat and sheep milk powder
Kaasmerk (NL)Cheese marks made from Casein
Schmid Folien (DL)Specialised cheese wrap. For soft cheese, blue mould etc. Available in wide variety of colours and printed.
Zeulab (Spain)Microlab Salmonella and Listeria tests, easy to do at the factory.


Trips to German cheese makers arranged upon demand.

For any information on the above, please contact us.

We are confident that amongst this range of products there are those which are of interest to you.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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