About us

The Cheese Making Shop is a trading name of Jongia UK’s ecommerce website. We have been selling cheese ingredients, accessories and kits for over 20 years, so we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our range of products includes everything the amateur cheese maker needs. But besides this, we support the dairy industry by offering a wide variety of products.

We have the pleasure to introduce the following companies we support:

ASTA-eismann (Germany)


This company specialises in equipment for the smaller sized dairy
Bioprox (France)


BIOPROX is the subsidiary of the PROTEX INTERNATIONAL GROUP specialising in the production of bio-products for the food industry. They include lactic cultures (mesophilic and thermophilic) for the dairy industry.
Boska (The Netherlands)


World renowned company manufacturing cheese cutting tools of semi-industrial scale. Implements that increase productivity and consistency in cheese cutting. Also available a wide range of dummy cheeses for presentation, cheese shelving with ventilation holes, packaging equipment, knives and much more.
Hyproca (The Netherlands)


Goat and sheep milk powder is the core business of CBM. CBM is the world-wide market leader in development, marketing and sales of goat and sheep milk powder and goat and sheep milk products for the business-to-business market
Het Kaasmerk (The Netherlands)


The original Dutch edible cheese label, made of casein that becomes part of the cheese. It is a sign of quality.
Schmid Folien (Germany)


One of the top suppliers of foil wrapping for soft cheese. Available in a variety of thicknesses, colours, with print option and also perforation.
Available from stock Quality Previously owned equipment, soft cheese moulds, single and multi. Very large standard range. Also other cheese accessories and ingredients.

We are confident that amongst this range of products there are those which are of interest to you.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.