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curd knife plastic

Cheese Curd Knife

Curd knife and cutter for cheese curd, ideal for the hobby cheese maker or small commercial cheese maker. Made from...

Cheese Presentation Knife Cheesy Design

The Cheese Knife Cheesy has a playful yellow handle with cheese holes and a stainless steel blade with a fork...

Dutch Style Cheese Knife – Mini

Cut blocks of cheese like a true Dutch cheese professional with this special cheese knife. The mini Dutch cheese knife takes...
cheese knife

Cheese Knife for Soft Cheese

This handy cheese knife 'soft' from the Explore Collection is best suited for cutting soft and semi-hard cheese. With a...
parmesan toolsx5

Parmesan Cheese Knife Set with Five Knives

This wonderful Cheese Knife Set includes five different designed Parmesan knives. All of the knives are high-quality stainless steel with...
cheese set havanna

Cheese Set Havana

Get the party started with this colourful cheese set from the Explore Collection. It consists of three assorted brightly coloured...
Double handed cheese knife

Double Handed Cheese Knife

Double handed cheese knife, blade length 40cm, handles are made of polypropylene. Essential for the professional.
Emmental knife

Emmental knife in Stainless Steel with Plastic Handle

Emmental knife 17cm x 17 cm with poly propylene handle. Make an impact as a professional with this cutter.